Andrew Blair

HGC Representative
Andrew Blair is a master's student pursuing a degree in Sustainability at the Harvard Extension School. Andrew previously completed a bachelor's degree in... Read more about Andrew Blair
Emina Dedic

Emina Dedic

Director of Community and Public Service
Emina Dedic was born in Prijedor, Bosnia-Herzegovina, but grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout her life, Emina has dedicated herself to political and... Read more about Emina Dedic

Calle Friesen

Dr. Callé Friesen, originally from Toronto, is a tenured professor in Iowa, now seeking the one degree she always wanted but never had the opportunity to... Read more about Calle Friesen
Headshot of Brett

Brett Monson

HGC Representative
Brett is an ALM master’s degree candidate concentrating in finance and data analytics.
While at Harvard, Brett is involved in research as a faculty aide and... Read more about Brett Monson

John Perry

Cabinet Representative for Community & Public Service

Nathan Rogers

Executive Treasurer
Nathan Rogers is an Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in Extension Studies, field of Government degree candidate and is based in East Tennessee. Nathan holds a... Read more about Nathan Rogers